Master thesis best of:

2004, Verklaring verschil vastgoedprospectus -en bijsluiterrendement, Martijn Sloot

2005, Benchmarking Alternative Investments, A review of the predictive power of return drivers of hedge funds, Joost van de Vooren

2006, Fundamental indexation, An in-depth study of the Dutch stock market, Peter Vermeulen

2007, The production policy of OPEC, An empirical analysis of the influence of OPEC on the European indices and oil price, Ward de Voogd

2008, Shareholder wealth gains in European public-to-private transactions, Joost-Jan van Halder, RUG prize 2009 download

2009, The Turn-of-the-Month Puzzle, An empirical examination of iShares, Bouke Hulzenga

2010, Culture as a determinant of the relation between stock markets and economic growth for major Asian and developed economies, Yde Otter

2011, The Impact of macro-economic variables on the sovereign CDS spreads of the Eurozone countries: examining the determinants of credit default swaps, Hugo J.H. Sand, Centre des Professions Financières European Gold prize 2011 download

2012, Analysts’ Earnings Forecast Bias: Evidence for the Dutch Market 2006-2011, S.G. de Vries download

2013, The U.S. mutual fund expenses: an updated study of Equity-Retail-Domestic Open-end Funds 2005-2012, Jinda Mei download

2014, Remarks on the optimal trading horizon concerning the profitability of technical analysis on currency exchange rates: Euro/US dollar 1999-2013, Jelmer Attema download